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Anthelios – A Quality Sunblock?

April 16, 2010

With so many sunblocks on the market, why is Anthelios the perfect sunblock of choice?

  1. SPF – Indicates the UVB Protection Factor –  In a tropical climate like Singapore, it is recommended to use a sunblock above 20 SPF. The Anthelios range in Singapore has got a minimum of SPF 30 and the highest of 50+.
  2. PPD – Indicates the UVA Protection Factor – The European commission recommends that any suncare product offers a ratio between UVB and  UVA protection of less than 3. ( Eg: SPF/PPD = <3) Anthelios XL goes beyond that standard and chooses a stricter UVA protection factor with a ratio of less then 2 to better protect its users from the harmful effects of UVA rays.
  3. Textures – The Anthelios range has got a wide range of textures from fluids to creams, gels to lotions for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a sunblock that is suitable for everyday use or something to suit your sporty lifestyle, Anthelios will have a sunblock to suit your needs
  4. Fragrace Free, Paraben Free, Minimal Chemical Filters Content – With this, Anthelios can even be used on the most sensitive skin without causing skin allergies and concerns.
  5. Tested under Dermatological Control– Anthelios is the most recommended sun protection range by Dermatologists in Europe and has got strict formulation standards that has 18 clinical studies to verify its  efficacy and safety.

So why wait? Go grab your Anthelios now!

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