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April 6, 2010

Developed in close partnership with L’Oréal Research, the Dermo.Analyzer was developed with dermatologists and took over 12 years of research using over 7,000 different skin profiles. It is the only diagnostic tool that enables 6 complete skin analyses based on very precise measurement tools: a professional camera and a very accurate skin sensor, the SkinChip.

The 6 complete skin analyses:

  1. Skin hydration analysis: This high definition sensor carries out over 9 million hydration readings, delivering a high level analysis of the moisture of the skin. This analysis will provide the consumer with a standard status on his/her hydration level, from well hydrated skin (blue) to highly dehydrated skin (red) on a 100 scale.
  2. Skin type analysis: The shininess analysis, correlated to a personalized questionnaire and to the results of hydration will help to determine the type of skin of the client.
  3. Skin age analysis: Use of patented ageing atlas, evaluation of the skin status by comparison with the morphing technology and revealing the apparent age of the consumer
  4. Sun sensitivity analysis: Determines the consumer’s profile via two questionnaires relative to her intrinsic sun sensitivity and her sun behavior
  5. Skin sensitivity analysis: By questionnaire Sensitest (patented algorithm), the analysis reveals both the intensity and the origin of the skin sensitivity
  6. Skin tone analysis: Use of picture to determine the skin pigmentation (skin tone and heterogeneity), and the level of brown spots via a morphing

The final stage of the analysis is the product recommendation. It is the culmination of the analyzes, providing each consumer with a printed tailor-made prescription, coming with personalized advice. Derma-Advisors will consequently propose a final selection based on the consumer’s preferences.

The Dermo.Analyzer is available at selected Vichy counters:
Watsons Tampines Mall, Watsons Ngee Ann City, Guardian Tanglin Mall and Tan Tock Seng Hospital

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