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Anthelios XL confirms its technological edge.

November 30, 2009

ANTHELIOS XL confirms its technological edge: the cutaneous immune system is protected, even under the onslaught of UV rays!



Mexoryl®XL’s exclusive filtering system developed by the La Roche-Posay Laboratories for its Anthélios XL suncare range is already known to be effective.

Its superb photostable UVA protection has proved its worth. To date, 17 clinical trials have shown how well it performs in the fight against damage caused or aggravated by UV rays. These trials have indeed been published in numerous international scientific journals.

Now a new study has emerged, confirming Anthélios XL’s power to protect cells. It has been demonstrated that Mexoryl®XL protects the epidermis and in particular Langerhans cells (dendritic cells partly responsible for cutaneous immunity) against the sun’s rays.

This key discovery was led by Professor Thomas Luger, an internationally recognized researcher in the field of cutaneous immunity. It marks a big step forward in our immuno-suppression in the skin.

In an in-vivo test, Professor Luger showed evidence of two cellular mediators produced by epidermal cells exposed to the sun and heavily involved in immuno-suppression processes.

Application of Anthélios XL to the skin of healthy volunteers, prior to UV exposure, prevented the production of these mediators and blocked UV-induced immuno-suppression.

This fundamental new data again highlights Anthélios XL’s technological edge in the field of sun protection. It has been treated at length in the top international review of dermatological research, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (JID).

This is the first time that a sun product has been cited in this kind of journal.

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